Apr 192013

Modi Narendra India
It is astonishing that in spite of hard-hitting and constant media attacks for years Narendra Modi has emerged as the most popular Indian leader on Internet. It clearly shows lack of efficacy of Indian media. Probably media lacked enough strong arguments against Modi.

People are influenced with the work and personality of Narendra Modi and media miserably failed to dent their spirits. The more opposition (even in BJP) and media attacked Modi the stronger he became.

Go to internet and read news related to Modi and you will see that about 80% comments are in support of Narendra Modi. The harsher the opposition speak the more committed the support for Modi becomes. So it is the magic of Modi.

And according to a survey internet is going to influence the result of 30% parliamentary seats in forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Will it open the eyes of senior BJP leadership who are opposed to Narendra Modi?

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