Apr 172013

vijender singh

Sports ministry pronounces boxer ‘clean’ after NADA submits findings of his blood and urine samples.

Ending weeks of speculation over the fate of Olympic medallist Vijender Singh, the sports ministry has proudly announced him to be “clean” after the National Anti-Doping Agency submitted its findings on Tuesday.

The boxer was under the scanner after his roommate and close friend Ram Singh had allegedly admitted to have consumed recreational drugs along with the Olympic medallist after he was arrested by the Haryana Police in March. The sports ministry’s press release said that Vijender’s blood and urine samples returned negative for banned substances, including that of psychotropic drugs.

NADA had collected Vijender’s blood and urine samples on April 3 and dna has learnt that it was not possible for the agency to ascertain if the boxer consumed heroin as the drug does not last in the bloodstream for more than 12 hours and in the urine for more than three days. “The only way to prove whether Vijender took heroin or not could be found through the hair test since traces of drug can be found in the hair for up to three months,” a NADA official told dna on condition of anonymity.

When asked why this was not done, the source added that “NADA does not have the facility to test hair samples in India”. It must be mentioned here that World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) had been opposing the ministry’s move to conduct an out-of-competition test to ascertain heroin in the boxer’s body. And, if the sources are to be believed, then a show cause notice could be sent to NADA to explain why such a test was conducted under ministry’s pressure.

“A full menu test was conducted which included testing for psychotropic substances.

Tests were only carried out on blood and urine samples. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is glad to announce that on the basis of these tests none of the boxers were found to have used any banned substances in the recent past,” a ministry release said on Tuesday.


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