Oct 312012

Sourav Former India cricket captain Sourav Ganguly may be summoned by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in connection with the One-Card-One-Nation project, whose promoter was arrested for embezzlement of funds belonging to the AP State Minorities Finance Corporation.

After being roped in as the brand ambassador for the product, Ganguly had launched the integrated credit and debit card project on August 26. The Hyderabad-based software solutions firm One Card Techno Services Limited had roped in the former cricketer for the One-Card-One-Nation project, which envisaged to integrate all credit and debit cards subscribed by a person into one single card.

However, two days before the service was to be launched on October 14, the MD of the firm CVK Sai Kumar was arrested by the CID for defrauding the AP Minorities Finance Commission of over Rs 55 crores. On October 12, based on a complaint lodged with the CID by principal secretary of Minorities Welfare Dana Kishore, police launched a probe.

During investigation, Sai Kumar told police that he had paid Ganguly’s managers Rs 1 crore as part of the deal to name the former skipper as brand ambassador. However, officials believe that Ganguly would have agreed to become the brand ambassador of the company without verifying the antecedents of Sai Kumar.


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