Oct 292012

BJP was roaring that Congress would fall soon after the latest deadly coal-scam of the party. Soon there was Robert Vadra bomb. Congress was embarrassed to the bones. Even other parties thought its days were numbered. Soon again there was a new poisoned arrow in the form of Salman Khrshid scandal. Even many die-hard Congress supporters were troubled and they wanted to leave it.

BJP had started basking in the glory of new would-be party which could get enough electoral support to form the government in 2014. Congress had badly lost its image and the trust of the voters. It had lost ground to rule; and may be inside it was ready to announce early general elections.

Just then there was a new twist to the drama. Corruption of BJP leader Gadkari was exposed. It suddenly changed the scenario for the Congress. The right step for the BJP and RSS would have been to sideline the Gadkari quickly till he came clean and proved his innocence. Gadkari had almost no public support. People were actually not happy with this imposed RSS man, who was pushed to top place overnight. And in place of Gadkari there could be a new dynamic leader who had a large support of the people. This exercise could have assured the public that BJP was the party they could believe, not the corrupt Congress.

But just then both BJP and RSS lost their wisdom and tried to go on the rotten way of Congress. RSS as well as many bigwigs of the BJP ganged together to protect Gadkari and save his presidency. Really a master strike to give a new life to Congress. BJP supporters were disgusted. Unfortunately nobody (except the rare voices of people like Ram Jethmalani) tried to understand the pulse of the people. Even if many understood they kept mum.

This big dent on the image of BJP as anti-corruption force almost trampled its image. Now nobody would believe if BJP leaders speak against the big scams of the Congress rule. Not only Gadkari but other leaders of the BJP who steadfastly supported and protected tainted Gadkari seemed like they were saving protection in the party. Leaders like Advani and Sushma Swaraj maligned their clean image in just two days. (RSS did the same which people had not imagined even in dreams).

In brief, BJP punctured its winning edge with just one big foolish step and it proved for Congress like a heaven sent nectar. The party which had gained immense energy with years of anti-corruption marches doomed itself by trying to wear the wings of the party it was opposing. How sad for the new hope of the Indian voters!


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