Oct 262012

Samsung and Apple are dominating the smartphone market, new data from research firm IDC has revealed.

During the third quarter, Samsung shipped 56.3 million smartphones worldwide, helping it to secure 31.3 percent ownership of that space. Just a year prior, Samsung shipped 28.1 million handsets and nabbed 22.7 percent market ownership.

Samsung’s shipments last quarter were strong enough to double Apple’s share, which hit 15 percent on 26.9 million unit shipments. Last year, Apple shipped 17.1 million smartphones and nabbed 13.8 percent of the market.

After Apple, there isn’t much to write home about in IDC’s findings. Research In Motion held on to the third spot in IDC’s study with 4.3 percent market share, but that’s down from 9.6 ownership last year. China-based ZTE made it on the list in fourth place, but the company could only muster 4.2 percent share. HTC rounded out the top five with 4 percent market share.

Perhaps the most notable finding from IDC’s study is not what companies are in the top five, but which firm is not. According to IDC, Nokia, for the first time, has dropped off the top five list of smartphone vendors.


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