Oct 252012

After Gadkari expose BJP is doing the same mistake that Congress people have been doing by supporting corrupt politicians without thought. This trend is certainly annoying for the voters. But both the parties are failing to understand it. By steadfastly supporting a tainted leader among them politicians like Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaity are definitely losing their respect. They are actually now exposing their true character which pro-corruption like Congress.

BJP people are trying to put a show that their party is no better than Congress. It will confuse the voter and prevent the BJP to touch the magic target of majority in parliament. To win the faith of the people BJP should have adopted a different strategy and sidelined Gadakari by taking his resignation.

BJP and RSS are playing a bad game and failing to win the confidence of the voters again and again. They can win the election game easily but they are not playing to win. It shows lack of planning and common sense. BJP has been creating bad luck for itself for long now.

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