Oct 252012

Television actors Delnaaz and Rajeev Paul, who have been divorced for about three months now, are rival contestants on Bigg Boss 6, a show that specialises in going public with private matters. The two actors pretended they were unaware of each other’s participation and made unsuccessful attempts to act shocked on seeing each other.

Rajeev has been making attempts to break the ice with his ex-wife, whom he calls Delu. Although Delnaaz has made it clear that she has moved on, he is seen seeking Sidhu’s help to rejuvenate ties. His attempts have been largely discouraged so far.

Several housemates in past seasons have tried to gain footage by displaying personal relationships. In the first season, Abhishek Awasthi proposed to Rakhi Sawant. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant married inside the house on Bigg Boss 4. Wrestler Sonika Kaliraman participated despite being six-month pregnant. This time, it is divorce on sale.


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