Oct 222012

Nobody expected that veteran film maker and director Karan Johar would ever make such a dull and boring film.

Though critics are divided on the rating of this film audience have not liked it. The film definitely opened well due to good publicity and Karan Johar brand associated with it. But most people are giving it a very poor rating. Both SRK and Karan Johar have produced this film and Karan Johar also have directed this foolish drama of school students.

Music, story, screen play, dialogues everything is boring in this film. It seems Karan Johar was really not interested in producing or directing this film. Everything is half-hearted and lacks interest. Or he must be drunk which while working on this film.

Most of the critics have given bad rating to the film. Suprisingly this cheap quality and boring film has got top rating from Taran Adarsh of BollywoodHangama.com. Then Taran Adarsh is already notorious of rating a film according to the amount of check he gets from the producers? It is alleged by many. There are certainly critics who write paid reviews.

The real shock comes from great and famous critic Masand of IBN India. A large number of people watch movies after reading his reviews. He is believed by most. Unfortunately Masant got pressuried by the weight of brand Karan Johar and gave 3/5 rating to this film. The film which should have got 1/5 rating from him got 3/5. What happened to this man suddenly ?

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