Oct 202012

Arvind Kejriwal is not my enemy, social activist Anna Hazare said on Friday. “Our roads are different, but the destination is the same.” Hazare, who underwent a minor eye surgery last week, refused to comment on Kejriwal’s exposés,saying that he had neither watched TV channels nor read
The activist also made it clear that there would be no place in his new core team for anyone who supports Kejriwal. He is expected to announce his new team by the end of this month.

Hazare, who held a meeting with Kiran Bedi and Vishwambhar Chowdhary, said his new committee would comprise 50 members from all walks of life. “Our movement will soon gain momentum once the new committee is set up,” Hazare said.

Sources close to Hazare said that at the meeting, it was decided that Hazare’s village, Ralegan Siddhi, would be the headquarters of the movement, which will be under Harzare’s direct control.

India Against Corruption used to monitor the Jan Lokpal agitation from Delhi.

The activist is also reported to have extracted a written promise that he would not press for any political agenda.

Preparations are on to set up a computerised office for the movement.

The office will have video conference facility so that Hazare can interact with workers from across the country.

The activist will undertake a nationwide tour starting January 30 from Gandhi Maidan in Patna, the ground from where Jay Prakash Narayan gave his call against the Congress regime in 1975.

“Anna will travel by train so that he can interact with the maximum number of people,” said Bedi.

The two issues Hazare will focus on will be Jan Lokpal and the right to recall.


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