Oct 192012

A top police officer in Chandigarh caught taking a bribe by the Central Bureau of Investigation has been arrested. IPS officer Desh Raj Singh, was caught by the CBI allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 1 lakh.

Singh who is the Superintendent of Police (City), reportedly demanded Rs 5 lakh from a uniformed serving station house officer, Anokh Singh, but according to the CBI, he settled for 1 lakh. According to official sources, a departmental inquiry was pending against the Station House Officer in a case.

The sources said as the inquiry was pending with Deshraj, he allegedly promised the SHO that he would “hush up” the probe if he was paid money for it. The SHO intimated CBI who laid a trap and caught Deshraj red handed while accepting the initial amount (Rs one lakh) of the bribe.


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