Oct 182012

Arvind Kejriwal’s dud missile fired at BJP chief Nitin Gadkari in Delhi on Wednesday would not affect his chances of getting a second term as president of the party, sources close to the RSS said.

“Every one thought that Kejriwal would expose a big scam but what he brought out was about Gadkari’s proximity with the NCP. While the allegations are serious it won’t impact chances of his second term,” said a BJP leader in Maharashtra. RSS sources also said that the allegations were too weak to impair his chances of getting a second term.

The BJP leader added that Gadkari will get his second term as party chief but if there are more serious allegations against him then the RSS would be forced to go in for a change. Gadkari’s name was pushed by the RSS as the BJP chief to neutralize the Advani camp in the party and also to quell infighting.

BJP leaders said that while the BJP has defended Gadkari stridently the allegations levied by Kejriwal have unmistakably damaged his credibility.

However, Gadkari has not performed to RSS expectations. Besides suffering embarrassing rout in Uttar Pradesh, Gadkari has also faced flak both from within and outside the party for his association with Ajay Sancheti whose family members are alleged to own benami flats in Adarsh building in Colaba. The Ajay Sancheti family also is one of the contractors in the controversial Gosikhurd irrigation project which has seen its costs jump to 2,000 per cent.


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