Oct 172012

When Nitin Gadkari was appointed president of BJP second time in a row (and after changing the constitution of BJP) it was clear that powerful hand of RSS was playing the tunes. And most of the BJP supporters were feeling disturbance at this happening. Gadkari is more a businessman than a leader of the masses. People wanted a charismatic leader who could lead the party to victory in next elections.

To present itself forcefully for the general election of 2014 BJP need to prepare well and show the people that it was having great leaders. Unfortunately throwing leaders like Gadkari RSS is only paying a losing game. It is highly detrimental even for the growth and credibility of this organisation.

There are many talentd politicians in BJP who has good mass support which can lead the party in a better way. But due to selfish interest of several power circles in the party those leaders are not pushed forward.

BJP has failed to raise those issues powerfully which are troubling the people. If the party is headed by a strong leadership only then it can infuse confidence in the people and can increase its in the vote bank share.

Unluckliy for the peope of this country as well as BJP the party will not get the majority in next elections. And it will only help the corrup politicians of Congress. BJP as well as RSS both need a better wisdom.

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