Oct 152012

Congress party has got a big dent in its image after exposure of its big-wigs on corruption. Recently Rober Vadra and Salman Khrushid damaged the party immensely due to their alleged illegal behaviour.

But surprisingly Left did not utter a word or oppose the corrupt politicians in the Congress. They just kept watching the happenings. When the people wanted other political parties to come clean on corruption and allign with the anger in the public, the left and other UPA allies kept mum. It was almost an indication that they were not interested enough in opposing corruption, or they were not actually against corruption.

It is a bad sign for the political scenario of India. It will only embolden the corrupt forces and dampen the faih of people in any political parties. Especially CPM has lost a golden opportunity to aggressively unite with the people to enlarge its base and strengthen its image. The party has already lost its main stronghold i.e. West Bengal. Its silence on major issues troubling the people may erode its electoral base further.

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