Oct 152012

In public, the BJP is not saying much about Arvind Kejriwal and his India Against Corruption (IAC) hogging the political limelight in recent weeks. Without Kejriwal, there is no denying that the Congress would have basked in its reform glory and not been running for cover after being surprised by the Robert Vadra bomb. Officially, the BJP says that it is not at all bothered by the Kejriwal phenomenon. There are so many democratic parties in the country and Kejriwal’s yet-to-be-christened outfit is a welcome addition.

But beneath that outward calm and that attitude of being dismissive, the BJP is a somewhat worried lot now that Team Kejriwal is proving that it has much more than nuisance value to offer and has identified itself with the middle class psyche better than every other political grouping. It has been highlighting corruption as an issue consistently for the past two years and seems to have snatched the issue from BJP’s grasp. Coalgate and the stalled Parliament session had given the BJP an edge but Kejriwal has taken centre-stage again with his explosive disclosures on Vadra, and sharp attack against Salman Khurshid.

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