Oct 132012

NAGPUR: The suspense over India Against Corruption’s next target ended on Friday. Reiterating that she has proof of her three meetings with BJP national president Nitin Gadkari, IAC activist Anjali Damania said she will be exposing his “lies” at a joint press conference with Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi on October 16. While the news should come as a temporary breather for the Congress, it is bound to raise anxiety levels in the BJP.

If IAC’s charges against Gadkari sticks, it will further fuel the Congress-BJP war of words. It could also dent the Nagpur politician’s ambitions. He has given enough indications that he will contest elections for the first time in 2014. The BJP president has already been targeted in the Coalgate scam as some of his close associates have got undue benefits.

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