Oct 122012

Director: SS Rajamouli
Cast: Sudeep, Samantha Prabhu, Nani
Rating: ***

This typical South Indian fare is sprinkled liberally with masala and served hot with dollops of passion, vendetta, reincarnation and the triumph of good over evil. But what sets the movie apart is its protagonist – a humble housefly that thinks big.

SS Rajamouli’s Telugu blockbuster Eega’s Hindi version, Makkhi narrates the tale of a business tycoon (Sudeep) who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, whether its wealth or women. When he lusts after a do-gooder micro artist Bindu (Samantha), he murders the guy she is in love with.

And herein lies the twist! The slain lover boy Jani (Nani) is reborn as a housefly. And his mission is to protect his lady love from the lascivious intents of the villain and to also avenge his own death. How the makkhi thwarts Sudeep’s overtures and keeps Bindu safe forms the crux of the story.

Being small and insignificant does not stop the insect-hero from doing all the things that a quintessential hero does – guard his turf, fight the bad guys and emerge victorious in the end. He is aided in his efforts by Bindu who designs a mask and mini weapons for him after he convinces her that he is Jani’s reincarnation.

Despite some absurd situations, Makkhi entertains in a way only South Indian films do – through heavy doses of maar-dhaad, filmi dialogues and comic relief. Kannada superstar Sudeep plays the bad guy well and the animated makkhi is decent too. Worth a watch for the new-age Indian hero who may be tiny but has lofty ideas.


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