Oct 112012

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, working towards an election at the end of this year, today welcomed on Twitter the United Kingdom’s decision to engage with Gujarat for business and investment opportunity.

“Der Aaye Durusta Aaye,” Mr Modi tweeted, meaning better late than never, ending it with “God is great”. So far, the UK has no senior officials in Gandhinagar, even though it was upgrading official contacts in other states. Later in the day, he tweeted, “Getting many messages of pride & joy from Indian diaspora, especially Gujaratis in London & all over the world. Thanks for your affection!”

At a rally in the evening, Mr Modi told an applauding audience, “Today the British have understood the value of Gujarat. Whether the PM has understood or not, the UK has. Gujarat and Europe will work together and prosper.”

It is time for UPA government in India to give hating Modi and accept the role of Gujarat in development of India.

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