Oct 102012

I hope many Indians are now getting a clearer answer to a long standing QUESTION – HOW WEALTH OF POLITICIANS AND BUSINESSMEN KEEPS GETTING MULTIPLIED EVERY DAY?! The politically correct answer was always in AAM AADMI’s mind but with no direct evidence which could be explained in simple economic language as well. Now Aam AADMI might be as well able to get a good financial language to explain it.

Get 65 crore interest free unsecured loan as ‘gift’ from a business house, then with this same money buy property worth 1000 crores in only 300 crores from the same business house. In return (quid-pro-quo) give that business house ‘vacant unused’ land worth 5000 crores from which the business house will earn 50,000 crores by constructing homes to sell to the hardworking educated middle class Indians. The ‘vacant unused’ land actually belonged to villagers from whom the land is acquired by politicians (as govt) in the name of ‘public interest’! Wow! Such a simple logic was never till today being understood with facts and figures. And all this will be called ‘white money’ transactions. Fair business deals between two ‘private’ entities.

The most interesting thing is that both businessmen (one from political family and another a crony capitalist) will not even deny having struck this deal and rather will call it as per the law – Transparent! Thanks Kejriwal and Bhushan to have made this picture of India’s real estate business to be understood in such wonderful simple manner. You have actually done great to uncomplicate such a ‘complex’ story of India’s housing development of the past few years. Again, many thanks. You have my vote in next elections.

Ritika Khanna (in FirstPost)

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