Oct 022012

BANGALORE: Beleaguered former Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa on Friday chose to attack his mentor BJP president Nitin Gadkari by maintaining that AICC president Sonia Gandhi could be trusted than the former when it comes to fulfilling promises.

An agitated Yeddyurappa, whose claim for the state BJP president’s post has been ignored by the party, said the Congress was better at fulfilling promise than his own party. “One has to learn a lesson or two from the Congress leaders when it comes to keeping up promises. Congress leaders from Jawaharlal Nehru to Sonia have kept up their assurances given to their members. They never let down their leaders on false allegations. You (Gadkari) have promised so many things to me. But without any reason you have not kept up your promise,” he told reporters while referring to reported Gandkari’s promise of making him as state party chief.

  One Response to “Sonia Gandhi more trustworthy than Nitin Gadkari – Karnataka BJP leader Yeddyurappa”

  1. Mr. Yadiyurappa, The reason behind your frustration is Anatkumar and his mentor Gadkari this is obvious. A leader of you stature and character is dragged in woe because of your image like Vajpayee in Karnataka. Many people are still believing that you are corrupt. The time you have suffered is so cruel that no human can expect even for enemy. I was sure, you would given clean chit after investigations and though the CBI has submitted its report to Supreme Court no media is willing to disclose the report nor asking for. BJP in one or other way didn’t do justice to you. But I have some complaints to file in you own heart. 1. You should not have made show of your supporting MLAs and MPs which was not necessary for a personality like you. You bustled being agitated and frustrated but it has already on record. 2. Why did you thought and even declared your intention of quitting BJP and forming new party where as you always believed BJP is yours and you are solely of BJP. BJP doesn’t back even the innocent when alleged under conspiracy where as Sonia defends and support even the the party leader like Salman Khurshid and even the worst ones. But to deem such Sonia as a better in this regard by a leader like you is unexpected still unbelievable. Where has your principles have gone? Gadkari will not be president of BJP any more. Advani and Sushma know your condition but still they preferred to keep quite since media is often misinterpreting any opinion in your favour as chasm or division in BJP etc., Wait and see, I am doing my best to avail justice to you and your personality, till then please attain peace of mind.

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