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New Delhi: 10.15 am: Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Tuesday said that she was not aware about the scuffle between the Anna Hazare supporters and the media. “I am not aware. I was not there. Let me go on site and see what is the feedback,” she said.

9:45 am: Day 3 of Anna Hazare’s fast began with his supporters at Jantar Mantar shouting anti-media slogans, even as the anti-corruption activist and his team were yet to take the stage. People shouted slogans like, “Na media se na sarkar se, desh chalta hai janta se (a country is run by its people and not the media or the government).”

This came a day after mediapersons were heckled by people at Anna’s fast venue on Monday. Team Anna is coming under fire not just from the government but also for targetting the police and the media as well. The Delhi Police has issued a notice to Team Anna Member Kumar Vishwas after they found him making provocative speeches against the police.

The official of the Additional Commissioner of Police has warned the anti-corruption activists to abide by the undertaking given by them before beginning their agitation at Jantar Mantar last week.

The police said that the kind of speeches that Kumar Vishwas made could incite violence. The office of the Additional Commissioner of Police said, “It has been noticed that Mr Vishwas made a provocative speech against the police from the dais at Jantar Mantar. Such speeches are likely to inflame passions of the crowd and incite them to commit some unlawful act which can be prejudicial to law order and harmony in society.”

Meanwhile, the Broadcast Editors’ Association has demanded an apology for reporters being heckled at Jantar Mantar.

On the second day of Anna’s fast on Monday, senior Team Anna members accused media houses of bias.

“Media is manipulating reality here for the sake of their TRPs. Channel owners are not showing the reality,” Shanti Bhushan said.

Within seconds, almost on cue, scores of Anna supporters at Jantar Mantar started heckling the media persons gathered there. It was clear that Team Anna is now blaming the media for their misfortunes, the same media that they had used in the past to build mass support.

Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said, “The media keeps asking questions and SMSing me in the middle of the fast, should I take time to answer their questions or focus on the movement?”

The Broadcast Editors’ Association has reacted sharply with a statement which says, “We strongly condemn the attack on media by Anna supporters. The BEA believes that this is an interference in the functioning of the media. The media is discharging its legitimate duty of covering the agitation in a fair manner. The BEA seeks an immediate apology from Team Anna for the misbehaviour.”


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  1. First and foremost Anna & his Team should understand that Baba Ramdev’s agitation against black money is a liability and not an asset for ‘Jan Lok Pal Bill’ (JLPB) movement. Any anti-black money agitation is desirable and Ramdev’s such agitation could have been a welcome development for India. But the way Baba is talking about tens of trillions of Rupees in foreign banks and FDI / FII as the black money amounts involved and the likelihood of every Indian getting millions of Rupees if his agitation succeeds, can ultimately become a joke only. Without having any strategy to invoke and rally international community (without the support of which the success of any anti – black money agitation is impossible) Baba Ramdev’s anti – black money agitation is bound to fail, dismally. Therefore Anna & his Team have been committing blunder by increasingly merging JLPB agitation with Baba Ramdev’s anti- black money agitation, notwithstanding temporary so called gains of some people in JLPB agitation which Baba is bringing at Jantar Mantar fast site, on the strength of his limited money power. Secondly, Anna is unable to understand the political techniques of Gandhi. Merely sterling character, simple living and high thinking and support to public causes are nothing if like Mahatma Gandhi a Gandhian is not prepared to launch ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’ (JBA) for the realization of public cause. Therefore Anna should cease to be half-Gandhian and instead should become full Gandhian. Once Anna launches JBA there will be no need for him to take help from Ramdev for gathering crowd for JLPB. It is hoped that Anna and his Team (1)- Will stop stretching the ‘indefinite fast technique’ beyond its logical limits (which had already crossed in 2011 end itself) and instead (2)- As a true and full Gandhian will immediately declare that from first week of August 2012 the JBA will be launched for JLPB all over India and (3)- Instead of depending upon handful of Team-Anna, simultaneously should immediately start developing organizational structure and leadership of IAC from national to ward / gram levels for ensuring the success of this JBA for JLPB. — jainhemraj59@gmail.com

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