Jul 302012

Bangalore, Jul 30: As India’s most anticipated medal prospects Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang take part in 10M Air rifle event on Day four of the prestigious sporting event, London Olympics, expectations are soaring high on the two shooters as numerology experts suggest that India might win a medal today at Olympics.

Abhinav Bindra, who won the first gold medal for India at Beijing Olympics might fancy his chances today as well as he has the potential to strike Gold. Moreover, stars also favour Bindra today as an analysis of his birth date and the date when he won the first gold medal when compared with today’s date which suggests that he would emerge victorious today as well.

According to numerology, Abhinav Bindra who was born on 28th Sep, 1982 is ruled by Sun and Jupiter (1 & 3). Today being 30th Jul (3) and 2012 which adds up to 5 might favour him.

Since he was born on 28th Sep, the day of birth which adds upto 1 and the year 2008, in which he won the first Gold medal for India at Beijing Olympics 2008, all added up to 1, his birth number. Moreover, the date Aug 11, when he won the first gold medal at Beijing also adds up to 2, which favours his number 1 suggesting that he is a strong contender to win a gold medal today at Olympics.

Today being Jul 30, the date adds up to 3, number that favours Bindra, as he is ruled by numbers 1 & 3, which suggest that he might shine today.

Last time he was tied with Henri Häkkinen heading into his final shot. Bindra scored his highest of the finals – 10.8 while Hakkinen came with 9.7 to settle for the Bronze medal. Moreover, this time around, he might win convincingly since all the stars favour him.

According to numerology expert Varun Aditya, who works for a corporate company in Bangalore, Abhinav Bindra has more chances of winning the Gold medal for India as stats and stars favour him today.

When asked about another medal prospect Gagan Narang, Varun said, Narang’s chances are neutral and not that favourable when compared to Abhinav Bindra.

Narang is ruled by Venus and Mercury. Though Mercury favours him, Venus do not. Hence, his chances to win a medal today at Olympics cannot be predicted.

With a few dismal performances in the Olympics in the last three days, today seems to be the most important day as three medal prospects will be seen in action today at Olympics. As the nation awaits the big moment, let us keep our fingers crossed as both the shooters take stage in less than an hour to play their qualifying round at London.


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