Jul 282012

Even as he accepted to join Team Anna stir on anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare’s “request”, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Friday took a dig at the civil society saying that a mass movement cannot be successful without people’s support.

Ramdev said, “No mass movement can be successful without crowd. People’s support is a must. If a protest cannot get crowd to itself, then it is to be thought over.”

He appealed his supporters to march to Jantar Mantar, saying he would support anyone who is fighting against corruption.

“For a nation it is important to struggle. And being a part of the struggle is good. It is a big nation. I will talk with him (Hazare) about it, he said adding that he was going to be a part of the ongoing protest at Jantar Mantar on Hazare’s request.

On the issue of Team Anna’s attack on President Pranab Mukherjee over the issue of corruption, Ramdev said, It is a tradition that President is at the top most position in our country. No one can even lodge an FIR against him. It is a grave matter. Whoever has done anything wrong should have been punished. But when someone obtains a post of a President, I don’t think we then need to comment on it. No case can be registered against him for five years.

To a question on his key aide Balkrishna’s arrest for the violation of Passport Act, Ramdev said, The government has sent Acharya Balkishan to jail. But the fact is going to jail for a person doing revolution is an honour. I would have loved to go to jail first.

Ramdev called upon his supporters to join his agitation from August 9 demanding return of black money stashed in foreign bank accounts.


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