Jul 212012

Indore: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday said he had taken a vow never to contest elections.

Talking to reporters here, Ramdev said, “I will never contest an election…. it’s my “Bhisma pratigya”. But I will keep fighting against the systemic ills.”

When asked if he was going to play a king-maker like ‘Chanakya’, the yoga guru said, “If I say about this, a new row would start.”

Wishing luck to Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi who had yesterday said he would play a more active role in the party and the government, Ramdev said “The prince should try
to get a strong Lokpal Act passed and bring back black money stashed in foreign banks.”

About yesterday’s attack by Congress workers on his cavalcade in Bhopal, Ramdev alleged that Congress workers were acting at the behest of “their masters,” adding, he escaped as his car was bullet proof.


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