Jul 182012

In a goodwill gesture, the Indian Government on Tuesday repatriated 19 Pakistani prisoners to Pakistan after being released from the Bhuj Jail in Gujarat and Rajasthan Jail. Among the 19 released prisoners, 18 were fishermen arrested for illegal fishing when they had arrived in India during fishing in the tArabian Sea around nine months back.

Pak fishermen were arrested. Their boats were confiscated and would remain with the Indian authorities, since the same practice is also adopted by the Pakistan Government when Indian fisherman are arrested for illegal fishing in the Arabian sea. All the released fishermen crossed over to Pakistan through the land transit route of international Attari/Wagha border on the basis of “Emergency Travel Certificate” issued by Delhi based Pakistan High Commission.

All were happy at the time of repatriation to Pakistan, saying that the Indian jail authority was kind enough to them while providing food, cloths, medication besides caring their basic needs during detention period.

A prisoner, Shyed Mohammed had arrived in India through valid passport and visa around three years back through rail route of Munabao Railway Station in Barmer district of Rajasthan. He was arrested for carrying fake Indian currency.

During trial in the Indian court he was sentenced for two and half years.


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