Jul 172012

Make your skin flawless and glowing with these easy steps.

1. Yoghurt massage:

Yoghurt has skin lightening properties. Massage your face for at least five minutes everyday with yoghurt. You can also add some drops of lemon juice to the yoghurt.

2. Apple cider

vinegar: Apple cider vinegar on the affected area as it helps in removing dead skin cells.

3. Vitamin E capsules:

Break one or two of the capsules and apply the gel over the discoloured skin area. Massage it lightly and leave it for an hour. Wash it off with cold water. It will help repair the skin and make it soft as well.

4. Onion-lemon wonder:

Take equal quantities of onion and lemon juice, and apply all over the discoloured area. This paste also helps reduce fine lines.

5. Good diet:

Follow a healthy diet with plenty of vitamin C-enriched foods, such as broccoli and citrus fruits.


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