Jul 112012

RANCHI: After Time Magazine termed the Prime Minister an “underachiever”, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday described Manmohan Singh “unfit” to run the country.

“Manmohan Singh is really an underachiever. Due to his incapability to run the country well, India has lost its goodwill in the international forum. Apart from personal honesty, a Prime Minister also needs political honesty,” Ramdev told TOI.

The yoga guru said India has lost its goodwill because of the misrule of the present UPA government. “The post of the Prime Minister is a constitutional post that involves diverse responsibility. Only being personally honest will serve no purpose,” he added.

Ramdev, who was in Ranchi to garner support for his August 9 agitation against black money, corruption and injustice in the national capital, was talking to press persons here. Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and various other organisations have agreed to support the agitation “Rastriya Charitra Nirman Anandolan”. Unlike last June, this time Ramdev would not flee from the spot. “I would not flee from the spot this time. I am ready to face batons and bullets,” said Ramdev.

About corruption in Jharkhand, Baba Ramdev said the state was one of the most corrupt ones. “Jharkhand has resources worth Rs 300 lakh crores. If these resources are well utilised and those involved in utilising the resources are honest, Jharkhand will be far better,” he added.

About the filing of chargesheet against his aide Acharya Balkrishna, Ramdev said the government was using all its investigative machineries to disturb his campaign against black money and corruption, Ramdev said, “If only all the investigative machineries are allowed to run without interference 90% corruption in the country would end.”


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