Jul 112012

Weight loss can be an uphill task for someone who is struggling with the proper combination of what works and what doesn’t. The two essential pillars to weight loss are: doing the right exercises and proper nutrition.

Here are five weight loss tips to help you kickstart your journey:

1) Get intense

I can’t stress this one enough, for anyone on a weight loss journey. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an absolute must. This type of exercise involves short bursts of all out high intensity exercises.

Sprinting on a stationary bike, out in the open or in a swimming pool are all good examples.

2) Educate yourself on carbs

Having the right carbs (or as I like to call them Smart Carbs) is essential to enhance your body’s weight loss potential. Smart carbs include whole grain bread, brown rice, fruit, oatmeal and yoghurt amongst many others. Have a smart carb in the morning and for the rest of the day protein with veggies, salads and smart fats such as almonds, peanut butter, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, canola oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

First meal that consists of: One serving of smart protein, one serving of smart carbs and unlimited smart veggies. Your remaining four meals (which should be eaten every three hours) should consist of one serving of smart protein, one serving of smart fats and unlimited smart veggies

3) Resist with your whole being

Resistance training with either weights or your body weight and which involves the full body – the core, legs, arms, glutes etc. – is a must for weight loss. Ladies, don’t be afraid to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. You will increase your metabolism and increase your body’s weight loss potential. Squats, push ups, pull ups, dead lifts, weight lunges, over head press, yoga… all these are full body resistance workouts and need to be made part of any weight loss efforts, so get an expert to design a custom resistance workout for you.

4) Eat up that protein

Your eating programme should include protein. Proteins fill you up, making you feel less peckish, whilst helping build muscle. All this helps increase your metabolism.

5) Get active everyday

If you want to lose weight, you need to work activity into your life seven days of the week. This requires a mindset change, so whether it is skipping up a flight of stairs or simply going for a walk- work at sitting less and being more active in your day-to-day life.


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