Jul 102012

If you easily get affected by Facebook photos of your friends as they show their best life and body shapes, take a break and observe how it shows in your thoughts and actions. Then make time and effort to resolve your body and weight issues by talking to a counselor, friends, loved ones or someone you find comfortable sharing your concerns with.

Instead of social networking, engage in activities that will improve your body image, like exercises that can make you feel good about yourself (dancing, yoga, running) and reading self-help books that will modify your thinking.

Always put in mind that your own thoughts and feelings are important to your overall health. Knowing this, you will not allow updates and photos of others to cause you more stress and negative emotions.

Learn to manage your time when using Facebook. Set a schedule and just give yourself a few minutes to update your status and/or check updates you find meaningful and important to you.

Avoid focusing too much on physical appearance and interactions that include weight obsession, too much dieting and over-exercising.

Shift your attention to positive feelings and thoughts. Say, “Wow, you look so happy and fulfilled spending your weekend with your family. You inspire me!” instead of, “You look so thin and sexy in your outfit!”

Instead of allowing yourself to feel insecure about others’ looks and accomplishments, restructure your thoughts. Believe that you can always be at your best without comparing yourself to others. Better yet, be an inspiration to others.

Parents, be involved in your children’s online activities. The study conducted by the University of Haifa shows that parents who were aware of their adolescent daughters’ media usage showed more personal empowerment of their daughters, leading to a protective guard against eating disorders.


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