Jul 062012

Yoga guru Ramdev today called Manmohan Singh a “feeble” Prime Minister and asked his followers in Punjab to participate in his protest against the UPA to be held in Delhi on August 9.

The yoga guru held a meeting with his disciples in Punjab in the city and asked them to join his stir next month accusing the UPA of failing to repatriate Indian black money kept in foreign banks and reining in inflation.

The rally has the support of Anna Hazare, he said.

Talking to reporters, Ramdev described Singh as a “feeble Prime Minister unable to initiate action against party leaders steeped in corruption.”

Congress appointed Singh as Prime Minister because it knew he would never speak out against the wrongdoings of party leaders, he alleged.

Accusing Singh of never attempting to do anything for justice to 1984 riot victims despite being a Sikh, he said the country should not expect much from a person who couldn’t do anything even for his own community.

Demanding speedy justice for the victims of Delhi (1984), Gujarat and Orissa riots, the yoga guru said the guilty must be taken to task regardless of their political affiliations.


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