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In a customer service environment the language that we use can have a strong effect on how the customer perceives the service. In a sales environment this is even more critical. Here Pinaz Hansotia has pulled together the top 25 positive words and phrases that we can use in our customer interactions.

1. “Definitely”
2. “Surely”
3. “Absolutely”
4. “Certainly”

5. “Rest Assured Mr……”
6. “I do understand the inconvenience you have faced……”
7. “I will be more than glad/ happy to assist you….”
8. “I completely understand the reason why / your situation….”
Personal Ones

9. “I will surely ensure that…”
10. “What I will do for you right away is……”
11. “I assure you I will try my best…..”
12. “What I can do for you right now is ….”
13. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced, what I can do for you is ….”

14. “I would suggest / I recommend…..”
15. “To avoid a similar inconvenience in future I request you to….”

16. “All you need to do is to just….”
17. “A simple way / method to change it will be to…..”
18. “As soon as you receive…”

19. “You will surely be able to enjoy…..”
20. “You will ONLY be charged…..”
21. “We have a variety of …..’
22. “It’s a wonderful service where instead of _______, you can ____________ …..’
23. “This is the best plan/scheme for your requirements…..’
24. “For just £_____. …you can…..”
25. “For Special customers like you…..”

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