Apr 062016

Hello Readers, I have been to all the so called top English and Public Speaking institutes of Delhi. Be it British Council, Inlingua, Bafel etc. I know that many of you want to know which is better, so here comes my candid review. I am going to share with you the experience I had with […]

Aug 222016
Delhi becomes now fifth-largest in passenger vehicle sales

Delhi has become the fifth-largest market in passenger vehicle sales, pipping Kerala, where sales have dampened as remittance income gets dented due to the challenging economic conditions in the Middle East owing to low crude prices. According to the recent report, While sales in Kerala grew about 2% to 1,95,400 units in FY16, Delhi registered […]

Aug 222016
India to be the third largest construction market globally by 2030: Report

The real estate and construction sector in India is expected to be the third largest globally by 2030, contributing over 15 per cent to the country’s GDP, a joint report. The sector is expected to become the largest employer in India by 2022, providing employment opportunities to over 75 million people. India’s urban population is […]

Aug 222016
India becomes world's third biggest tech startup hub: Report

India is home to the third largest number of technology driven startups in the world, with the US and the UK occupying the top two positions, according to a report. Bengaluru is host to the largest share of technology startups in the country, followed by Delhi NCR and Mumbai, while Hyderabad and Chennai are also […]

Aug 092016
India ranks 6th position among the world’s 10 largest manufacturing countries

Also, India is ranked at 6th position among the world’s 10 largest manufacturing countries during 2015 only behind China, United States of America, Japan, Germany and Republic of Korea. India was ranked at 9th position during 2014. As indicated in the annual publication ‘International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics’ of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), […]

Aug 022016
7 Oldest Colleges and Universities in India

In today’s era of modernisation, the upcoming generations are getting more inclined towards western cultures. Moreover, the western educational institutes are gaining more popularity because of their advanced infrastructure. However, did you know that the oldest university in the world was built in India in the fifth century? The former Nalanda University, primarily a Buddhist […]

Aug 022016
Machhali turns 20, is world's oldest tigress

It was nearly a month ago when Machhali, the world’s most photographed tigress, enthralled tourists at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. With growing age, her sightings are becoming few and far between, but as it is widely believed that she has turned 20 this year, her long survival has won her another distinction: the world’s oldest […]